Who we are

Transportes Barreira was founded in 1979 as a domestic and international transports company.

Since then, we realized of the importance and necessity of delivering a quality logistics service to fulfill the requirements of the most demanding customers. Nowadays, Transportes H. Barreira is considered a well-know, AAA transport operator with a solid array of competitive attributes:

  • Ample experience delivering transport services.
  • Customized solutions adapted to the particularities of our clients.
  • A reliable service that meets all the requirements of our customers on a daily basis.
  • Since we work with the latest IT technologies, we can track our vehicles on real-time, ensuring that the operation of the supply-chain system of our clients is correct.


Transportes H. Barreira places a qualified and expert team at the disposal of our clients. Our team both have the know-how required to comprehend the operation of logistic and transportation activities and the flexibility to find the needed answer to a particular issue.

More than 100 employees work in Transportes H. Barreira to improve the standards of our clients and provide with fast and efficient solutions to each and every logistics and transportation requirement.